Four Areas Of Your Property That May Need Asbestos Removal

30 June 2022
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If you're looking to sell your home or wondering if it's safe to rent out, you may be wondering whether the asbestos in it needs to be removed. Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was commonly used in building materials because it's fireproof, durable and inexpensive. Unfortunately, asbestos can cause lung cancer and other health problems when it's inhaled. Here are four areas of your property that may need asbestos removal: Read More 

4 Tips For Storing Water In Case Of Emergency

8 April 2021
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It never hurts to be prepared. Every family should have a supply of water in their home in case access to freshwater is cut off for some reason. Storing water is easy as long as you have the proper equipment and the right storage techniques. Here are four tips that will help you store water in case of an emergency. 1. Purchase the proper containers In a pinch, any container can be used to store water, but some containers are better than others. Read More 

Why would the contractor charge you extra for cleaning your septic tank?

23 October 2018
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Regular pumping and cleaning of a septic tank increases the lifespan of your septic system in addition to eliminating the foul smell from your home. Usually, pumping and cleaning are recommended for a regular period of about three to five years. Ways of knowing that your septic tank requires cleaning include checking if there are puddles of water above the septic tank, if there is a foul smell coming from the septic tank, if there are pests above the tank or whether the toilets and bathrooms are taking too long to drain. Read More 

Why a Professional Bore Driller Should Dig Your Well

15 October 2018
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Who would not want a constant supply of water to their homes? Whether it is your home or your property for rent, you should consider getting a constant supply of water for your family and tenants. You can achieve this by drilling a bore in your property. You can drill a bore on your own using some equipment that you can rent.  This will take quite some time since you have no experience and it will need you to be patient. Read More 

The approach taken by air quality consultants on your commercial premises

11 October 2018
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The quality of air in your premises is more important than you think. Small air pollutants such as dust, foul odours and allergens can affect the health of your workers and customers. Having the air in your premises assessed is an important first step towards achieving clean and healthy air in your business. When you hire a consultant to perform air quality services and assess your property, they will usually follow these 4 steps: Read More